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Singing lessons at Vocal Workout are custom designed to fit each student’s unique goals and needs. Our teaching style is quite fluid, yet follows tried and proven contemporary singing techniques used to assist vocal strength, vocal flexibility, range expansion, proper diction and pronunciation.

Confidence building itself is also an important teaching area to us. Learning to grow a healthy sense of self confidence through performance and self expression, plays a very beneficial part in many students personal lives – especially for our younger students.

At Vocal Workout we understand the great value in performance experience, and therefore run concerts (three per year), jam nights and other extracurricular activities such as local fair performances, to provide students with the opportunity to showcase what they have been working on in class. Not only does upcoming performances encourage and entice students to practice their craft more, but also gives them something to look forward to and work towards.

Together, our team of teachers work to create a positive and comfortable environment, ensuring that each and every student feels welcome and encouraged to express themselves !

There are multiple types and focussed styled lesson that we offer; including but not limited to :

  • Solo Lessons
  • HSC Performance Training
  • Audition Training
  • Performance Training

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How do I book a FREE trial singing class

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Guitar Lessons are now also available at Vocal Workout !

We teach Classical, Acoustic and Electric Guitar and our lessons cater for both students who would like to learn the Guitar as a solo instrument or a form of musical accompaniment for singing.

Learning an instrument such as the Guitar, is a fantastic way to not only gain more music theory knowledge, but also improve your concentration, memory and hand-eye coordination !