Given that each individual student is different, our singing lessons are custom designed to fit each student’s needs. Our teaching style is quite fluid, yet follows tried and proven techniques used to assist range expansion, vocal flexibility and strength. Singing lessons with Vocal Workout teaches students proper diction and pronunciation techniques, assisting greatly in the areas of confidence in all forms.

Confidence building itself is an important teaching area to us as it can play a very beneficial part in many students lives in particular, the younger students. Singing lessons are also considered very useful in the areas of gaining core strength and learning the correct breathing techniques.

Nabil Noureddine, founder of Vocal Workout has been teaching for over ten years and has an excellent understanding of proper vocal technique’s whilst being professional, encouraging and friendly. He has ample experience in teaching students from a young age to adults of all different styles including pop, rock, musical theatre and jazz.

Nada-Leigh our resident female teacher works as a professional singer and has been in the industry for over three years, best known for her television appearance on The X Factor 2014 where she progressed to the live shows with her girl group XOX. Nada-Leigh brings a younger more new school feel to Vocal Workout with her bubbly personality and outspoken confidence and positivity. Nada-Leigh specialises in confidence building, helping students explore their inner artist as well as also specialising in teaching pop, rock, rnb and even rap.

Together our teachers ensure a positive and comfortable environment so that every student feels they can look forward to their lessons every week.They run weekly in previously allocated time slots. We believe that no more than one lesson a week is needed to greatly improve your ability, given that the student practises at home.

Also, regular performance opportunities often manifest at Vocal Workout in the form of quarterly concerts, jam nights and other extra curricular activities so students gain invaluable performance experience with other beginners and veterans.

Everyone is welcome at our school, and our students are encouraged to accept and be friendly towards our entire Vocal Workout family which includes students and their families from all walks of life.

We offer a wide range of singing lessons:

  • Solo lessons
  • Group lessons
  • HSC Performance
  • Audition Training
  • Performance Training
  • Contemporary Singing
  • Proven Techniques
  • Safe Vocal Practices
  • Confidence Building

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